From the cache of  retired Congressman Dick Armey's former red light camera website

July 30, 2001

Case Closed: No Safety Benefit to Red Light Cameras

Watch yourself (45 seconds) in Real Video format! San Diego Police Chief David Bejarano admits on ABC News' Nightline that cameras have not reduced accidents, but instead they have in several cases actually increased accidents:

"And it's true in a few intersections we found a few more accidents than prior to the red light photo enforcement. At some intersections we saw no change at all, and at several intersections we actually saw an increase in traffic accidents."

The Facts:
Of the red light camera intersections in San Diego where yellow time was not changed:
  • 2 saw a decrease in accidents after cameras were installed
  • 4 saw an increase in accidents after cameras were installed
  • 9 stayed the same
Case closed, the cameras have not improved safety.
                    San Diego Chief
San Diego Police Chief