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CalTrans' LED Lamp Tests
Pre-Qualified Product List

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New 8-11-04

The following pages are from the "blue notebook" CalTrans sent me on November 4, 2003.

This is the cover label.

In the following test of samples that didn't "COMPLY,"  there is the notation "...turn-on time should be below 90 ms."


 In this test (below) of samples that did "COMPLY," you see that because of averaging, some acceptable modules can have turn-on times in excess of 1/10 of a second.

Here is the page from the Pre-Qualified Product List which includes the GelCore module above.  This page was taken from the updated version of the list, which is on CalTrans' web site.

Here is the cover letter under which CalTrans supplied the blue notebook.  My comments here correspond to the circled numbers I have added in the margin, below.
CalTrans' Standard Specifications publication provides a number of size, weight and durability specifications for LED signal modules, but as of 8-11-04 it did not contain a specification for turn-on time.  (If you want to look at those specifications for size, weight, etc., - but not turn-on time - click here: Standard Specifications, then click on "Standard Specifications, Standard Special Provisions," then click on "1999 Standard Specifications (metric)," then click on "1999StdSpecs.doc," then scroll to Section 86-4.02.)
2.  Some of the "data" referred to here is the Test Reports, above.
3. The latest version of the Pre-Qualified Product List referred to here is available on CalTrans' web site.  See the  sample page and link, above.
4.  The Purchase Specifications referred to here do not contain a specification for turn-on time.