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This page is by, provider of good - free! - info about California red light camera tickets & photo enforcement.

If you haven't already done so, please read's page about photo enforcement websites.

This page is about Ticket Kick dot com's discussions of (1), the availability of traffic school after you have been found guilty in a Trial by Declaration ("TBD") and (2), the special situation in Los Angeles County.

Traffic School

On its Traffic School* page, Ticket Kick says:

Can I still attend traffic school if I fight my ticket and I am found guilty?

Yes, as long as the judge approves it. The judge cannot deny you the option to attend traffic school just for fighting your ticket, in other words, they can’t penalize you for fighting it by denying traffic school. The judge may deny traffic school at their discretion for other reasons. If you fight your ticket through a trial by written declaration and are found guilty, you can send the court a letter making a request to be able to attend traffic school, and the traffic school fee. Most judges approve traffic school as long as you meet the basic eligibility requirements. We can include a request for traffic school if you are found guilty at the end of your trial by written declaration statement, at your discretion. The judge may or may not include traffic school information in your notice of decision (verdict). If they don’t, then send a separate letter making that request. We can provide you with a letter template you can use for free, so just ask us for it. If the court finds you guilty and the notice of decision says that you are not eligible for traffic school, you can either go into court for a trial de novo (re-trial) and make a special request for traffic school in person, and request that the judge give you a solid reason why they’ve denied you traffic school, or you can send a separate letter making this request. We can send you a letter template for this request, too. Email if you’d like a letter template for a traffic school request.

The traffic school advice in the box above is from Ticket Kick dot Com, as of 6-20-12.'s advice is below.

Ticket Kick's advice is 281 words.  I think that a shorter and clearer explanation would be:

Most judges deny, or ignore, traffic school requests included in TBDs.  If you have lost your TBD and were not granted traffic school - and you need it - you can set up a Trial de Novo ("TDN"), go there and grab the offer of traffic school that most judges make to everyone in the room, at the beginning of their trial sessions.

But the best thing is to plan ahead.  If you know ahead of time that it would be impossible or impractical for you to attend a TDN, and you also know that you really need to end up with traffic school, you probably should not do a TBD.  Because once you begin to fight - even by TBD - your 100% shot at traffic school goes away and getting TS is up to the judge.  You could end up losing your chance to attend TS.

The Special Situation in LA County

Ticket Kick has a separate page about LA County*.  As of 6-20-12 the page had 1200 words and finished up with an advisory from the official site of the LA County Superior Court.

It's good that they have an LA County page, but Ticket Kick's info could make one think that there is little option but to engage the LA County court system, and either fight or pay the fine.

Ticket Kick's info could make one think that the tickets issued by LA City are somehow different from those issued by the other cities in LA County.

A shorter and clearer explanation would be:

The LA County Superior Court Does Not Report Ignored Tickets to the DMV!
All they do is add on a late fee, and send the tickets to a collection agency.  And all the collection agency does is send out threatening letters.
This info is applicable to tickets issued by all cities in LA County, not just those tickets issued by the City of Los Angeles.

( has its own page about the situation in LA County.)

*The pages from the Ticket Kick site are what I found there on 6-20-12.  For the most current versions of those pages, go to the Ticket Kick website.