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If you haven't already done so, please read the Fake Ticket  section on the Your Ticket page

Flyers about Fake Tickets
- and Ignoring Those from LA County

  Half Page Flyer

Here is a flyer you can pin up on the bulletin board at work, send to friends, or hand out to people on the street.

Business Card Sized Note

Here is a page of small notes you can pin up where there's less room.

fictitious license plate

( leads to )

Don't Step Off the Curb!

The First Amendment (Free Speech) allows you to hand out flyers on a public sidewalk, but:

1.  You have to keep it non-commercial - no asking for money, and

2.  No matter how quiet the street is, don't step off the curb into the street to hand someone a flyer.  The police can ticket you for that.