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Is It a Bluff?  The DMV Letter

Here is the final letter from the DMV regarding what I call "Snitch Tickets."

How I Got the Letter Above - It Wasn't Easy!

The authorities did not give it up without a fight.  
My first letter, in Dec. 2003, was to Judge Exarhos, who did not reply.  (My letter to him is on the Your Ticket page.)
Then I sent the same letter to the DMV (below).

After I sent the letter above, there was no reply, so on June 17 I phoned the DMV, and "Darlene" told me that my letter had been sent to the Mandatory Actions Unit ("MAU").  I left a message.
 The following day, a Ms. Gomez from the MAU called and left me a message, asking me to fax another copy of my letter.   I sent it the following business day.
On June 23 Ms. Gomez called back.  She said that she had talked to a Ms. Lockett in the Registration department, who said that a police department can only flag registration for parking tickets, and that only a court can flag a driver's license.  I asked her to put that response in writing, and explained that it would be for publication on this website.  Ms. Gomez said she would call back with a cite to the DMV handbook, or write me a letter.
On June 25 Ms. Gomez left me a message asking for the El Cajon PD's phone number.  I left the number on her voice mail the next business day.
I didn't hear back from Ms. Gomez for a month, despite calling her and leaving follow-up voice mail messages on July 12, 15, 19 and 27.
On July 27 I got a message from Ms. Gomez, asking for the ECPD phone number again.  I left the number on her voice mail the next day. 
A little later on the 28th Ms. Gomez called back, said she had talked to a person at the ECPD who denied threatening to flag files.   I asked Ms. Gomez to send me a letter saying that police departments can't flag registrations or driver's licenses. She said she would have to get approval from the legal department first.
On Aug. 8 I got a message from Ms. Gomez asking me to re-fax the May 28 letter.  I sent it the following business day.
On Aug. 13 I got a call from a Mr. Slaughter, a staff attorney at the DMV, who told me that in order to get a written response from them, I would need to send a written request for same.  I sent it a little later that day, and it is below. 

On Aug. 19 I called Mr. Slaughter to follow-up.  He told me I would receive a written response within a few days. 
By Aug. 26 I hadn't received it, so I left a voice mail for him.
On Sept. 2 I received the letter below.

This was a very unusual letter.  Especially the claim to copyright protection (second paragraph).  I wanted to learn more about the signatory, Brian Soublet, so I Googled him.  A massive amount of information came up.  Until his resignation in July 2000, Mr. Soublet had been General Counsel at the California Department of Insurance, under former Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush, who also resigned that same year after Cindy Ossias, a low-level attorney at the Department, blew the whistle on him.

  ( Quackenbush later admitted that insurance companies had secretly paid into two charitable foundations he controlled and were given permission to evade paying what they owed to victims of the 1994 Northridge earthquake.  As of February 2008, Quackenbush was a sheriff's deputy in Lee County, Florida, and Soublet still was at the DMV.  For articles about the scandal at the Department of Insurance, do a Google containing both men's last names.  )

On Sept. 2, I called Director Gutierrez' office, to find out who to write to next.  They told me to write to the Director again, and I did.  

By Sept. 20 I hadn't received a reply, so I phoned and was told that someone would call back that day. 
By Sept. 23 I hadn't heard from anyone, so I called again and was told that a letter was being mailed "this week."  A few days later, the letter at the top of this web page arrived.

Getting the Sept. 24 letter took 118 days including 12 phone calls plus sending the original letter 4 additional times!