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Annual Reports (Required by CVC 21455.5(i) )

Senate Bill 1303 of 2012 required camera vendors to file an annual report.  Among other things, the reports are required to break down the quantity of citations issued into straight, right, and left.  SB 1303 was codified as CVC 21455.5(i), which says:

(i) A manufacturer or supplier that operates an automated traffic enforcement system pursuant to this section shall, in cooperation with the governmental agency, submit an annual report to the Judicial Council that includes, but is not limited to, all of the following information if this information is in the possession of, or readily available to, the manufacturer or supplier:

(1) The number of alleged violations captured by the systems they operate.

(2) The number of citations issued by a law enforcement agency based on information collected from the automated traffic enforcement system.

(3) For citations identified in paragraph (2), the number of violations that involved traveling straight through the intersection, turning right, and turning left.

(4) The number and percentage of citations that are dismissed by the court.

(5) The number of traffic collisions at each intersection that occurred prior to, and after the installation of, the automated traffic enforcement system.

Reports for Calendar Year 2013

On Aug. 12, 2014 RedFlex sent 38 reports to the Judicial Council.  Those reports covered those RedFlex clients whose programs were active throughout 2013 but did not cover the clients whose programs closed during 2013.

Reports for Calendar Year 2014

By July 31, 2015 we had received most cities' reports for 2014.  

Reports for Calendar Year 2015

By Sept. 6, 2017 we had received 2015 reports from 39 citiesBeverly Hills,
Los Angeles MTA, and West Hollywood had not yet filed a report.  Only five cities
collision counts (in the reports for 2014, 23 cities provided collision counts).  Cathedral City, Cerritos, Millbrae and San Francisco filed a report but did not provide a breakout by movement (straight, right, left). wrote to the Judicial Council asking if it would ask the cities for the
missing reports and missing accident information.  They replied that they will not.

Reports for Calendar Year 2016

By Sept. 24, 2017 we had received 2016 reports from most cities.  Beverly Hills, the LA MTA, and San Francisco had not yet filed a report.  Thirteen cities provided collision counts.  Cathedral City filed a report but did not provide a breakout by movement.  Capitola initially filed a report without a breakout by movement, but in March 2018 they provided a report with the breakout.

Reports for Calendar Year 2017

We expect that most cities will not file their 2017 reports until Summer or Fall 2018.