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City of Pomona Documents
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Pomona, pop. 141,000, is 28 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

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Docs Set # 1
Chief's Report to Council

[City Seal]



March 20, 2006                                           No. 06-108

To:  Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council

From:  Douglas Dunlap, City Manager [initialed]

Submitted By:  James M. Lewis, Chief of Police [initialed]

Subject:  Red Light Camera Traffic Enforcement Feasibility Report


Recommendation — That the City Council hold a discussion and provide direction on the issue of establishing a Red Light Camera Traffic Enforcement Program in the City of Pomona.

Fiscal Impact — There is no fiscal impact associated with this action.

Previous Related Action — None.

Council Goals and Objectives — V. “Ensure safe communities through increased, targeted and planned Public Safety efforts.”


Advances in technology have provided numerous opportunities to enhance law enforcement capabilities. One such technological evolution is the use of automated red light camera traffic violation ticketing systems in high-violation/accident street intersections. The application of this technology involves installing either digital, still photo or video camera equipment that is directly connected to the traffic signal and able to automatically take a picture of a vehicle that has entered the intersection illegally. Red light camera systems are mainly utilized by law enforcement as a measure to reduce the number of traffic collisions at identified problem intersections, particularly those with a high incidence of major injuries or fatalities. Red light violation camera triggered pictures are then visually reviewed for confirmation, whereupon the affirmed violator is issued a traffic citation by mail.


In researching the costs and benefits of establishing a red light camera citation program in the City of Pomona, staff received "knowledgeable/expert" input from experienced traffic enforcement officers assigned to the Police Department’s Traffic Bureau, as well as other local law enforcement agencies currently operating such systems. Additionally, companies that provide this technology were contacted and solicited for input. The following is a summary of this input:

     Red light camera systems have the most positive impact in terms of both costs and benefits for chronic/high accident rate intersections. According to statistics maintained by the Police Department's Traffic Bureau, the City of Pomona does not have a major red light violation traffic collision intersection problem. Traffic accident data for the most recent four-year period has identified the City’s most traffic collision prone intersection to be located at Indian Hill Avenue and San Bernardino Road. At this intersection there were a total of twenty-six (26) collisions during this four-year period, which averages to 6.3 collisions per year. The next highest traffic collision intersection was located at Fairplex and Valley, which totaled twenty-five (25) during the same four-year period, averaging 6.25 collisions per year. Not all of these accidents were a result of red light violations.

     The installation and ongoing service and maintenance costs for red light camera systems are considerable. While some of this cost is offset by additional traffic violation enforcement revenue, the actual amount of additional revenue received is directly related to the number of additional violation citations issued and can be further influenced by vendor imposed system maintenance fees and operating expenses. Contacting other local cities (Montclair, and Rancho Cucamonga) operating Red Light camera systems, it was concluded that those agencies were spending more on maintaining the system than additional supporting revenue being generated. Typically, red light system vendors will waive the installation fee for each intersection, which could range from $50,000 to $100,000. It is then the City’s responsibility to install a DSL line to transmit the photo and/or video data images. Once installed and made operational, the City would be subject to a vendor monthly service fee that can range between $5,000 to $7,000 per intersection. Additionally, vendors also receive a percentage of the red light violation fines levied on drivers. Accordingly, only high-violation rate intersections are potentially capable of yielding enough offsetting revenue to compensate for the increased expense to the City and enhanced traffic safety benefit for the community. Also, depending on the particular vendor agreement, potential costs can vary significantly. For example, the City of Rancho Cucamonga currently has an agreement with its red light camera system vendor which provides for a “citation-based” contract. Pursuant to this provision, if citation violation revenue received for a 4-way intersection does not exceed $16,920 per month, the City must pay the difference to the vendor.  

     The overall effectiveness of the traffic safety service level provided to the community is a fundamental priority for the Police Department. Central to this goal is the optimum utilization of resources. The preceding points of consideration have not included the reallocation of traffic enforcement police officer time that would be shifted away from field enforcement duties to administrative review of each individual red light violation citation issued. According to information obtained from the Upland Police Department, one officer spends, on average, about two to three hours per day reviewing each of the approximately 220 red light camera violations per month. This amounts to neatly 76 hours that would have otherwise been devoted to field traffic enforcement. Moreover, this strictly limits this officer’s time to red light traffic violation enforcement as opposed to overall traffic safety duties, including equally high priority enforcement for such violations as Driving Under the Influence (DUI).  


That the City Council hold a discussion and provide direction on the issue of establishing a Red Light Camera Traffic Enforcement Program in the City of Pomona.  

[This is a full and complete copy of the official document, made by by OCR from a faxed original.]

Docs Set # 2
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