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Grading Your Photo
This Page Created on 2-21-03 and revised on 4-15-06.  This is Version 1.2.


Quality of driver's photo, on a one to ten scale, as a judge who favors the City might apply it.


Grade 1. Can't tell if anyone is driving. Example:

A "1"
This is a Grade 1.

If your photo is this bad (Grade 1, 2, or 3), make sure that what you got in the mail is not a Snitch Ticket!


Grade 2. Vague/fuzzy outline of head

Grade 3. Visible outlines of major items - sun glasses, or hair - but not clear enough to be able to tell if it's me or someone else driving.

Grades 4. - 10. Count the number of the following eight identifiers that are visible in your photo, and add 2.

Jaw shape

Hair style or shape, or hairline

Eye shape (both eyes don't need to be visible)

Nose and mouth shape (you should be able to tell if your mouth is open or shut!), or face in partial profile

Age, within plus or minus 25 years (could it just as easily be your parent or your child?)

Gender (sex)

Skin color and hair color

A full color photo


More examples:


A "5"
This is a Grade 5.

A "7"
This is a Grade 7.

This is a Grade 8.
This face photo is the electronic copy the registered owner received directly from the police department, after he made a Discovery request.  Even though this is faded and fuzzy and green, it is a Grade 8 - because it is in partial profile, it shows 'jaw shape,' and it also shows five more of the eight identifiers.  The two identifiers it is lacking are 'nose and mouth shape' and 'full color photo.'


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