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Added 5-17-11

2012 Appeal to Cal. Supreme Court - People (City of Beverly Hills) v. Borzakian

In Feb. 2012 the Court of Appeal ordered its decision in Borzakian to be published;  however, in Mar. 2012 the Court of Appeal filed a conflicting decision, in the Goldsmith case, so both cases went to the California Supreme Court. 

Click on these links for the documents in the Borzakian appeal:

12-23-10:  Appellate Div. Decision, Appellate Div. Order Denying Transfer, Petition to Transfer to District Court of Appeal
1-5-11:  Order Transferring Case to DCA
4-1-11:  Appellant's Opening Brief in DCA (big file)
4-8-11:  Appellant's Motion to Deny City's Request for Continuance, and to Remove City as Party to Case
4-15-11:  City's Opposition to Appellant's Motion of 4-8-11
4-19-11:  Appellant's Motion of 4-8-11 is Denied
5-10-11:  City's Motion to Augment Record on Appeal
5-11-11:  Order Granting City's Motion to Augment
5-23-11:  City's Response Brief (big file)
6-29-11:  Appellant's Reply Brief
7-14-11:  RedFlex and Santa Ana's Request for Leave to File Amicus Brief
7-14-11:  RedFlex and Santa Ana's Amicus Brief
7-14-11:  Appellant's Objection to Request for Judicial Notice
8-19-11:  Amicus Brief for Appellant, by Rabiean
8-26-11:  Amicus Brief for Appellant, by Martin
9-2-11:  City's Response to Rabiean's Amicus Brief
9-9-11:  City's Response to Martin's Amicus Brief
12-5-11:  Oral Argument (Per Online Docket)
1-23-12:  Decision by Court of Appeal
2-10-12:  Amended Decision (Ordered Published)
4-10-12:  Request for Depublication filed with Cal. Supreme Court (Case # S201474)
4-20-12:  Defendant's Opposition to Request for Depublication
5-9-12:  Supreme Court Denies Request for Depublication; Review Granted on Court's Own Motion, but Deferred Pending Disposition of Goldsmith Case
8-13-14:  Supreme Court Orders Transfer Back to Court of Appeal, with Direction to Vacate its Decision and Reconsider in Light of Goldsmith Decision
10-10-14:  Appellant's Supplemental Brief After Remand to Court of Appeal
10-16-14:  City Advises Court it Will Not File a Brief Unless Directed to Do So
1-13-15:  Court of Appeal's Opinion Filed, Judgment Affirmed, Unpublished

Recommended additional reading:  P. v. Goldsmith and SB 1303 of 2012 (on Action/Legis page)

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