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Added 6-21-12

2012 Appeal to Cal. Supreme Court - People (City of Culver City) v. Gray

This decision is by the California Supreme Court.

Click on these links for the documents in the Gray appeal:

7-7-10:  Decision by Trial Court
9-30-11:  Appellate Division's Order Transferring Case to Court of Appeal
1-21-12:  People's Supplemental Brief in Court of Appeal
5-9-12:  Appellant's Petition for Review by Cal. Supreme Court
6-20-12:  Review Granted
9-11-12:  Appellant's Opening Brief in Cal. Supreme Court
11-12-12:  People's Answer Brief
4-1-13:  Appellant's Reply Brief
3-13-14:  Decision by Cal. Supreme Court

5-31-16:  Court of Appeal Denial of Attorney's Fees

6-4-14:  Article Headlined "EPA Policy May Hinge on One Word - Carbon Emissions Rule Relies on a Broad View of 'System"

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For more details about the City of Culver City, see the City's entry on the Camera Towns page.