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Added 2-24-14

2013 Civil Cases - RedFlex and the Rosenbergs

Click on the links for selected documents or articles in the cases:

I.  RedFlex v. Rosenbergs

2-20-13:  RedFlex' Complaint
10-11-13:  Rosenbergs' Answer and Counterclaim

The Rosenbergs' Answer and Counterclaim contains an allegation that bribery occurred in at least thirteen other states, including California.   (Answer and Counterclaim,  at page 9.)

As of May 2014 the Rosenbergs hadn't yet named the other cities involved.

As part of its attempt to rebuild its reputation, in 2013 RedFlex sent its customers an apology letter stating "...Redflex has a new executive team," but it should be noted that the signatory to that letter, current (as of May 2014) Redflex President James Saunders, is the person about whom former EVP Rosenberg wrote:

"However, in July 2013, the Board of Directors and CEO of Redflex Holdings promoted the company's existing Vice President of Account Management to the position of CEO.  The Board and CEO did this with full knowledge that over the years this individual actively participated in and incurred lavish entertainment expenses with elected officials, consultants and city officials in his efforts to secure new contracts and maintain company revenue."  (Answer and Counterclaim,  at page 2.)

11-5-13:  RedFlex Motion to Dismiss Count II of Counterclaim
12-2-13:  Rosenbergs' Response
12-16-13:  RedFlex' Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss Count II

II.  Rosenberg vs. Redflex:  Unlawful Termination


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