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Added 6-11-12

2012 Petitions for Writ Against Murrieta Initiative

(Flynn v. Vinson and Safe Streets v. City Council)

Click on these links for the documents in the Petitions against the Murrieta initiative (in approximate chronological order):

Additional Papers
May 2012 First Petition for Writ
8-3-12:  Order Removing Initiative from Ballot
8-10-12:  Stay
Nov. 14, 2012 Second Petition for Writ, in Court of Appeal  Exhibits
Nov. 30, 2012 Second Petition for Writ, in Superior Court  Exhibit E

These materials may be freely copied and distributed, so long as credit is given to .

Many other cases and /or transcripts are available - see the Index to Transcripts, Briefs, and Court Decisions.

For more details about the City of Murrieta, see the City's entry on the Camera Towns page.