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Updated 7-5-16

  Lower Court Decision on Too-Short Yellow - Jonathan B  (with 18 Other Defendants)

These nineteen defendants got their cases dismissed, because the yellow was not in compliance with the MUTCD requirements as revised in Nov. 2014 and effective Aug. 1, 2015 - see Expanded version of Defect # 2.  There was no detailed written decision.  This was not an appellate case.

Because it is not an appellate case, this decision cannot be cited as precedent in California courts, except maybe before the same judge who decided it.   But there is nothing stopping defendants elsewhere from using the same arguments used here, or from citing the same published cases cited in the motion, opposition, and reply.

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Many other cases and /or transcripts are available - see the Index to Transcripts, Briefs, and Court Decisions.

Click on these links for the documents in the Jonathan B case (these are in chronological order):

6-8-16:  Defendants' Motion to Dismiss
6-23-16:  People's  Opposition
6-28-16:  Defendants' Reply to Opposition
6-29-16: Trial, all cases dismissed

Also see the Los Alamitos Docs page and the Expanded version of Defect # 2 on the Home page.