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Snitch Ticket Stories

Story # 1
Sheriff's Website Confirms There's Another Kind of "Ticket"

This 2006 email from "Thankful" (in box below) talks about the difference between San Diego Sheriff documents entitled "Traffic Violation Notice" and those entitled "Notice of Traffic Violation" - but please note that we cannot count on the San Diego Sheriff, or the police and sheriffs elsewhere, continuing to use titles that the public can use to easily tell real tickets from Snitch Tickets.  As of 2009 the authorities statewide are using the two titles above interchangeably, and they are so eager to deceive the public that I fully expect that one day soon many will begin putting "NOTICE TO APPEAR," which is the officially-prescribed heading for a real ticket, on their fake tickets.

Edits by are in [[   ]].

Thanks so much for your detailed site.

This past summer I received a "fake/snitch" red-light camera ticket for an intersection in [[a city served by the San Diego County Sheriff ]].  I followed your advice and did nothing.  I never received any sort of follow-up demanding that I reply.

I was worried that my registration would be put on hold, but I just re-registered my vehicle and the new tag is supposed to be coming in a couple of weeks.  I'll let you know if it does/doesn't.[[*]]

Being a skeptical person, I wasn't sure if your site was accurate or not, so I did some more research on the web before deciding whether or not to believe your site.  I found some interesting information on the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Website that you might want to include in your website to convince other skeptics like me. Here's the link:

[[ Editor's note:  I expect that as soon as the San Diego Sheriff finds this Snitch Ticket Story, he will do some severe editing of his FAQ's, or take the page down.   So, I have archived his FAQ page here

"Thankful" continued... ]]

If you scroll down to the middle of the page, you'll see the following two headings:

"I received a 'Notice of Traffic Violation' and I was the driver, what do I do?"

"I received a 'Traffic Violation Notice' and I was the driver, what do I do?"

Hmmm... Why would they have two different types of notices for the same violation?  Sounds a little fishy.

Although they are deceptively similar, both have clear descriptions showing the difference between the two.  Sure enough, just as you outline on your site, the one with "Notice of Traffic Violation" is the official one from the court, and the "Traffic Violation Notice" is the "fake/snitch" one.  [[ Not a reliable way of recognizing a Snitch Ticket - see note at top. ]]  This made me completely confident in, so as I said above, I put the Traffic Violation Notice in a drawer and did nothing. 

So again, thank you, thank you.

- Thankful

*[[A few days later, this motorist sent the following postscript.]]  I wanted to let you know that I received my new registration today!  I would think that this proves that (at least for [[this city]]) ignoring a snitch/fake ticket will not result in any sort of hold being put on your dmv vehicle registration.

Story # 2
An El Cajon Snitch Ticket, One Year Later

From an Email Received October 2006

"I was just sifting through old emails and found one of yours.

"Just wanted to give you an update that maybe you can relay to the skeptics out there:

"It has been well over a year since my fake red light ticket was received. As you may or may not recall, I ignored it just as you recommend on your site.

"I never received any sort of follow-up.  I had no problem when it came time to renew the registration for my vehicle (in fact, my second registration bill since the fake ticket just arrived in the mail), and I had no problem renewing my license.

"I really owe you, buddy. Thanks again."

Story # 3
A Compton Snitch Ticket, 3+ Years Later

From an Email Received January 2008

"Thanks for all your work in this area.  I remember how bad I felt a couple years ago when I got a photo radar ticket in Compton.  You read my email and correctly identified the notice as a "snitch," although I don't think you had coined that term at the time.  I ignored the notice and have never heard anything back on it.  I've registered my car and renewed my license since then!"

Story # 4
More Coming

There may be some more stories posted in the next few weeks.  Mark your calendar to remind you to come back here and look!