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Added 8-30-10

2010 Appeal Decision - People (City of Santa Ana) v. Park

  This decision is final, and published*. 

The case citation is:  People v. Park (187 Cal.App.4th Supp. 9) 

Click on these links for the documents in the Park appeal (chronological order):

Clerk's Record of Trial Proceedings
Settled Statement
Appellant's Opening Brief
City's Amicus Brief
The Appellate Division's Decision
Transfer of Record to District Court of Appeal
Denial of Transfer

After the Appellate Division certified the case for publication, two cities wrote to the California Supreme Court, asking it to de-publish the case. 

Post-Decision Letters to the Cal. Supreme Court, For and Against De-publication, by:
Santa Ana
West Hollywood

Kenneth J. Schmier, Esq.
R. Allen Baylis, Esq.

On Oct. 27, 2010 the Supreme Court denied the cities' requests for de-publication.

The Supreme Court's Decision

*In 2012 the Gray case, also about warning tickets, reached the Cal. Supreme Court, and as of Aug. 2013 it was fully briefed but not yet decided.  A footnote in Gray's Opening Brief in the Supreme Court says:

"Although the court of appeal rejected Park, once this Court granted review in Gray, the court of appeal's decision in this case was depublished.  As a result, unless this Court overrules Park, the Park decision can be cited."

The general issue of which decisions get published, and which don't, is under study.  See for more information.

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