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Culver City Documents
(and Information)

Culver City, pop. 40,000, is in west LA, 3 miles north of LAX.

It may be possible to completely ignore a Culver City ticket!

1.  The Los Angeles County Superior Court does not report ignored red light camera tickets to the DMV.  More info is in "Countywide Information," which is Docs Set # 2 on the
LA County Documents page.
2.  If your "ticket" does not have the Superior Court's name and address on it, it is a fake ticket (also called a Snitch Ticket) mailed out by the police department in an attempt to bluff you into identifying the driver shown in the photo.  For more details about Snitch Tickets, see the Snitch Ticket section at the top of the Your Ticket page.

And if you don't want to ignore the ticket, or cannot, see Set #  16, below.

Watch Out - New Cameras and Tickets Surges in Early 2017
See Sets # 7 and 13, below.

There is a LOT more info, below, about the red light cameras in Culver City.
But first, these important political announcements ...

Don't shop in Culver City, a
                  red light town
Shopping in Culver City could cost you $500 for the privilege.

In 2022, Vote No on Sheila Kuehl 

Was Zev Yaroslavsky your County Supervisor?  (Until Nov. 2014, he represented the Third District, which includes the central and western San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, the City of West Hollywood, and part of Hollywood.)

Zev "termed out," and in the Nov. 2014 election, Sheila Kuehl won the race to succeed him, by a narrow margin.

Sheila Kuehl authored 3 speed
                camera bills
Sheila "Kuehl Cams" Kuehl, in 2007

During her career in the California Legislature, Kuehl made three attempts to pass bills to allow the use of automated speed enforcement (photo radar) in California.

As an LA County Supervisor, she has a seat on the MTA/Metro board and she will be a vote to continue and expand Metro's huge (101 cameras, so far) red light camera system.
She recently voted to put an additional LA County-wide sales tax, to go to Metro, on the Nov. 2016 ballot - and it passed.  (See
Measure M on the Action/Legis page, for more about that tax.)

Kuehl may be up for re-election in Nov. 2022.

Culver City Contacts
City Hall, 9770 Culver Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232
(1/2 mile east of the courthouse - plentiful free well-lighted underground parking, entrance ramp on Duquesne)
Councilmembers' individual email addresses are:,,,,,

or you can send an email to, for distribution to the councilmembers. 

Council meetings: Most Mondays, 7 p.m. Opportunity for public to speak: Promptly at beginning of council meeting. Call (310) 253-6000 to confirm council meeting date or to leave a message for mayor or councilmembers.

Culver City Chamber of Commerce
Location:  1st Level of Fox Hills/Westfield Mall, near Best Buy
Culver City, CA 90230
(310) 287-3850

Local Attractions Near Culver City's Red Light Cameras

Restaurants:  A-Frame, Akasha, Bucato, East Borough, N/Naka

Shopping:  Costco (on Washington near Marina del Rey), Fox Hills Mall/Westfield (Macy's, Nordstrom Rack)

Hotels:  Courtyard by Marriott, Culver Hotel, Double Tree by Hilton, Four Points by Sheraton, Ramada, Rodeway Inn, Travelodge

Also see the map, in Set # 5, below.

Table of Contents


Culver City Docs Set # 1
Public Records Request for Camera Stats - Reply of 10-31-02
Here are 12 pages provided by the City in response to my Public Records Act request for information (1) regarding the reasons (accident rates, etc.) for installation of the cameras at the intersections chosen, and (2) the intersection-by-intersection breakdown of revenue, citations issued, the disposition of those citations, and citations not issued.  For more details about citations issued, see also Set # 13, below.


Culver City Docs Set # 2
City's Revenue and Expenditure
At an October 2002 City Council meeting I presented a graph showing that, the previous fiscal year, red light camera program expenditure ran 42% higher than budgeted, and revenue flattened out.
Updated 3-15-03: My projection, using figures from the first eight months of the current fiscal year, indicates that
the profit flowing from the program to the City's General Fund could be 57% less than expected.

This section also includes monthly revenue, 2010 to present.


Culver City Docs Set # 3
Request to Court to Allow Public to See TV Display
Here is the correspondence, to date, on my request to re-orient the courtroom TV so that the public may again view the ticket photos.


Culver City Docs Set # 4
Signal Timing:  Was Culver City's "Mistake" an "Inadvertent" One?

The evidence shows that they were aware of the new law prescribing minimum yellow times(VC 21455.7, effective Jan. 1, 2002), but failed to bring their cameras into compliance with it.

This set also includes the signal timing charts as of late 2015.


Culver City Docs Set # 5
Map of Culver City's Camera Locations

A Possible Explanation Why Just a Few Locations Produce Most of the Revenue

The map shows the location of many of the cameras that are presently operating.

For signal timing charts as of 2015, see Set # 4, above.

Culver City Docs Set # 6
Transcript of Culver City Trial
The transcript is provided to show the standard testimony that occurs during Culver City red light camera trials.  It is also an example of the Settled Statement that is written as part of the appeals process.
See also the Culver City Chronology, Set # 8, below.


Click on:  Culver City Docs Set # 7
Culver City's Contract with RedFlex
Watch Out:  The New Contract Continuously Expands Enforcement

The new contract signed in Aug. 2014 provides for the addition of right and/or left turn enforcement capability to many of the existing cameras.
(To see the contract, and the amendment, click on the Docs Set # 7 link above; also see Defect # 10 - B).

On Dec. 12, 2016 the Council voted to add even more cameras and intersections.

Set # 8
The Culver City Chronology

Notes about actual court trials:

Part 1 - Sept. 26, 2002 to Nov. 7, 2002
Part 2 - Nov. 14, 2002 to Sept. 4, 2003
Part 3 - Sept. 11, 2003 to Present

There is information about driver's photos, in the notes from Nov. 7, 2002, and Jan. 9, 23 and 30, 2003, and May 30, 2003.

See also the trial transcript, in Set # 6, above.

Culver City Docs Set # 9
Culver City's "Certificate of Mailing"
This is the official-looking "Certificate of Mailing" form Culver City formerly used.  See Defect # 8 on the Home Page for more details.

Culver City Docs Set # 10

Council Fiddles While Police Department Burns
website , containing video of an incident of negligence by the Culver City police, suggests that the department lost sight of its mission, public safety, and that the city council failed to take action to bring it back on course.

Culver City Docs Set # 11
Rumors about a Culver City Refund
 On June 12, 2004 an LA Times story about the Costa Mesa refunds (see Costa Mesa section on the Camera Towns page) erroneously stated that there had been 2000 refunds in Culver City.  The city where the refunds happened (actually amost 3000 of them) was East LA (see the East LA section on the Camera Towns page).   The Times supplied their story to the AP, so the incorrect story was in hundreds of papers, worldwide.

Culver City Docs Set # 12
Left Turn Camera Not Justified
New 7-17-04
Culver City's Jefferson / Overland intersection with its recently-installed - and very lucrative - camera enforcement on left turns, is an excellent example of an intersection where there is scant safety justification for the use of the camera.  Set # 12, a ten-year accident history for the intersection,
shows a total of 41 accidents, but only one of those (9 years ago)  was caused by a driver running the left turn light.
The accident history
was provided by the City in response to a Public Records Request.
See also "Churning Left Turn$" in Defect # 9 on the Home Page.

Click on:  Culver City Docs Set # 13

Ticket Counts, Late Times
Watch Out:  Six New Camera Locations in Early 2017

Set # 13 tells how many tickets were issued at the various intersections, and for how late into the red (lane by lane).

The new contract signed in Aug. 2014 added right and/or left turn enforcement capability to many of the existing cameras, and in early 2017 the City will add six new camera locations.  See Set # 7 for more information about the new cameras.

Culver City Docs Set # 14
Sequence of Installation
Updated 5-25-16
Per a CCPD internal
memo of Nov. 28, 2001, and the CCPD's monthly reports to the city council, and annual ticket counts (Set # 13 above), the "inception dates" of the cameras were:

Washington / La Cienega 2-26-99
Jefferson / Duquesne 1-13-00
Sepulveda / Green Valley 3-10-00
Washington / Beethoven 7-26-00
Sepulveda / Machado 8-14-00
Jefferson / Cota 8-24-00
Slauson / Buckingham 12-23-01
Washington / Sawtelle 2-5-02
Jefferson / Overland 8-03
Sepulveda / Centinela 8-03
Washington Place / Centinela 8-03
Washington / Helms 2005 or 2006
Sepulveda / Slauson 2005 or 2006
Right and left turn enforcement capability added to many cameras:  Early 2015
Washington / Sepulveda, Washington / National, Overland/Washington: Early 2017 (See Set # 7, above.)

Culver City Docs Set # 15
The Judges
Updated 9-3-13

I recommend moving your case away from Judge Cho or Commissioner Pamela Davis in the Santa Monica courthouse.

Do a Change of Venue if you can, otherwise, file a PC on them.

See my Challenges page for more info.

Culver City Docs Set # 16
No Probable Cause!
When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think Horses, Not Zebras

New 7-7-14, updated 8-14-16

At the May 12, 2014 city council meeting the police told the council that they issue a real ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle even when a gender and/or age mismatch has made it obvious that the owner was not driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.

The City's Uniform Guidelines (required by CVC 21455.5(c)(2)(f)) confirm that May 12 statement:

SECTION 5- General Processing Guidelines

1. Passengers' faces shall be masked on the citation.

2. Where only partial driver information is available or no Department of Motor Vehicle ('DMV') information is available, Vendor will process the incident with "dummy" information, check the "Incomplete Details" Box and place it in the police authorization queue. The name field will read "NOF" (not on file), the address line will read "123 Any Street" and Vendor will mark the incident as "Incomplete Details".
a.    CCPD will be responsible to obtain full details, will uncheck the "Incomplete Details" box and Vendor will mail a Notice to Appear.

b.    If CCPD is unable to obtain full details, the Citation will be sent to the registered owner at the address on file with the DMV.
3. Incidents where the driver's gender appears to be different than the registered owner's name will be placed in police authorization queue for disposition by CCPD. Vendor will check the "Incomplete Details" Box. If CCPD determines that a gender mismatch has not occurred they will uncheck the "Incomplete Details" Box and Vendor will mail a Notice to Appear. If CCPD believes a gender mismatch exists, CCPD will attempt to identify the driver of the vehicle. However, if the driver cannot be otherwise identified, a Notice to Appear will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle on file with the DMV.
From pages 5 and 6 of Culver City Uniform Guidelines Red light Camera Enforcement, with Emphasis added

That discussion occurred because, at that same meeting, a local resident came to the podium and complained about a ticket that had been issued to him (a large man with a mustache and beard) when the face photo showed a young woman - his daughter.

CCPD:  Think Horses, Not Zebras (or Actors)!

In the Summer of 2016 the public heard about another, rather bizarre, instance where the CCPD issued a ticket to the wrong person.
When the officer was preparing the ticket, he noticed a strong resemblance between the driver pictured behind the wheel and an actor he knew socially and from TV.  So, he issued the ticket to the actor despite the fact that the vehicle was registered to a totally different person, in Missouri.

LA Times article  (archived copy)
LAist article
Local paper article

Also see Defect # 10 - E.

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